CASA Half Marathon and Spa 10K

By David Meroney - Last updated: Saturday, December 3, 2016

Hello, Arkansas runners!


CASA Half Marathon

We are under one week away from the final race of the 2016 Grand Prix:  the CASA Half Marathon in Pine Bluff on December 10 at 8:00 am.  It’s the flattest and fastest half marathon in Arkansas. Who all will be there?  I hope to see many familiar faces.  And there are new, special features this year:



And don’t forget the pancake breakfast after the race for all runners! — Made by the CASA Board of Directors.

Online registration

Early packet pickup will be Thursday from noon until 6:00pm at Go! Running in Little Rock and Friday from noon until 6:00pm at UAPB Golden Lions Stadium (Race site)

Race day packet pickup will be at the registration table in the UAPB Golden Lion Stadium, Home side under the press box from 6:00am until 7:30am.


2017 Grand Prix

Registration for the 2017 Grand Prix is NOT open yet.  I will open it following the conclusion of the 2016 Grand Prix.


2017 Grand Prix schedule


January 22, One Hour Track Run, Pottsville 
February 4, River Trail 15K, North Little Rock 
February 11, Valentine’s Day 5K, Russellville
February 19, Run the Line Half Marathon, Texarkana
March 11, Chase Race 2 Mile, Conway 
March 18, Spring Fling 5K, Cabot
April 1, Capital City Classic 10K, Little Rock
May 6, Toad Suck 10K, Conway
June 10, Arkansas Runner 2 Mile, Benton
June 17, Go! Mile, Little Rock 
August 5, White River 4 Mile Classic, Batesville 
August 12, Watermelon 5K, Hope
September 2, ARK 5K Classic, North Little Rock 
September 9, Minuteman Cross Country 5K, Little Rock
September 16, Arkansas 20K, Benton
September 30, Paint Downtown Pink 5K, Fort Smith
October 14, Breakaway 10K, Searcy 
November 4, Midsouth Marathon, Wynne
November 18, Spa 10K, Hot Springs
December 9, CASA Half Marathon, Pine Bluff 

*Bolded are the championships


Spa 10K

The weather for the 2016 Spa 10K was so much nicer than the weather for the 2015 Spa 10K.  Those who ran in the Spa Running Festival last year will remember the cold, the rain, the sleet, and definitely the wind.  This year, it was  what I consider to be perfect running weather: cool, clear skies, and little wind.  The the fall colors were popping!  I hope you enjoyed the views throughout the course.



The winners of the Spa 10K were both from Searcy.  Daniel Kirwa was the first male with a time of  34:58 and Tia Stone led all women with her 38:23 finish.  For the 18th time out of 19 tries, the Searcy Rush Running Club women won the team competition.  The men of the Little Rock Roadrunners Club are almost as dominant with their 17th win out of 19 races.  There were two team ties in this race.  Among the men, the Cabot Country Cruisers and the Conway Running Club tied for 6th with 112 points.  The tie-breaker was decided by Don Potter of the CRC since there was no 5th place finisher for CCC.  In the female teams, CRC was also in a tie but this time with the Arkansas Running Klub for 5th place.  Both teams score 68 points so it was up each teams’  4th place finisher to break the time.  Again, CRC prevailed due to Sandy Anhe’s 40 points compared to Jennifer Cate’s 51 points for ARK.


Facebook photo album

Over 900 pictures from the race.  As always, feel free to tag and steal.



2016 Spa 10K team scores
Male Female
ARK Individual place sum team rank GP points ARK Individual place sum team rank GP points
Jacob Hudgins 8 112 5 12 Kathleen Rea 14 68 6 10
Dj Walker 24 Angie Orellano-Fisher 23
Gregory Milligan 32 Debbie Thompson 31
Joe Milligan 48
AURA Chrissy Ferguson 0 0
Daniel Arnold 0 0 Rhonda Ferguson
Christopher Herrera
James Moy
Marcia Miller 32 119 11 1
CCC Constance Outlaw 38
Robert Harrell 25 149 7 8 Vicki Ingram 49
Wade Mann 33
Eugene Atha 34 CRC
Keith Knight 57 Wanda King 12 68 5 12
Judy Massingill 26
CRC Mandy Prince 30
Charles Redditt 21 149 6 10
Braden Eason 39 HLRC
Bernie Larson 42 Pam McGill 15 52 4 14
Brent Ahne 47 Mindy Simonson 18
Belinda Pack 19
Brent Corbitt 1 14 1 20 LRRC
Gary Taylor 2 Sarah Olney 2 14 2 18
Brian Sites 4 Emily Harbour 3
Colin Hall 7 Rachel Hendrix 9
Cade Wagner 13 69 3 16 Sarah Kennedy 16 92 8 6
Kim Howard 15 Lori Silver 37
Don Still 18 Donna Seagle 39
Brian Wagner 23
PBRC Cymber Gieringer 0 0
Joey Gieringer 0 0
Katherine Williams 21 74 7 8
RRAC Rebecca Laymon 25
Arissa Laferr 28
Jenny Massanelli 4 22 3 16
Lennon Bates 8
RVR Nicole Hobbs 10
Raymond Petty 0 0
John Hunnicutt SPA
Rick Estep Debbie Hill 17 101 10 2
Lori Bowen 36
Marlene Chapman 48
Jeffrey Grove 10 91 4 14 SRRC
Gregory Davis 26 Tia Stone 1 12 1 20
Chris Hall 27 Kelli Harris 5
Randy Collins 28 Kem Thomas 6
Gideon Drake 3 40 2 18 Ha Vuong 20 93 9 4
Josh Whisenhunt 9 Sheri Nicholls 27
Alan Krenzelok 12 Mary Jo Brinkman 46
James Helms 16
SRRC 0 0 0 0
WAR ARK Jennifer Cate 51
Travis Porter 0 0 CRC Sandy Ahne 40
Ron Smith
Todd Coleman 0 0
CCC none
CRC Don Potter 49


2016 Iron Runner picture -- missing a few

2016 Iron Runner picture — missing a few L to R, Gregory Milligan, Marilyn Lattin, Heidi Thompson, Rebecca Layman, Manfred Galatowitsch, Brent Ahne, Sandy Ahne, Sheila Galatowitsch, Joe Milligan, Kim Yarber, Braden Eason, Eugene Atha, Pam McGill, Abi Stone, Larry Savage, and Tia Stone

Happy running!

David Meroney
Arkansas RRCA State Rep
#ArkGrandPrix #ARKrun

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Spa 10K and Arkansas RRCA Meeting and Awards

By David Meroney - Last updated: Thursday, November 17, 2016

Hello, Arkansas runners!

We have two big events coming up this Saturday.  I hope you have them on your schedule.  Spa 10K and the Arkansas RRCA Meeting and Awards


Spa 10K


First is the 19th race of the 2016 Grand Prix: the Spa 10K.  The race starts at 8:00 am and there is a new start line this year that is the same as the finish line.  Here are key notes from the race director, Cindy Baswell.


Packet Pick Up (AT A NEW LOCATION) will be Friday, November 18 from 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm. at a NEW LOCATION THE HOTEL HOT SPRINGS (formerly the Austin Hotel), 305 Malvern Avenue (Malvern Ave/Convention Blvd) – the Hotel is walking distance to the start/finish line.


For those new to the race or new to running races, packet pick up is where you pick up your official bib, timing chip and race shirt.  This year, your timing chip will be a customized Spa Running Festival Non-returnable Souvenir Timing Chip that you tie to your shoe.


A friend may pick up your race items for you.  As a runner, we trust that you have asked them to do this for you. We do have them sign a form acknowledging they are picking up your race items.


The Spa Running Festival Apparel Booth is back again this year and will be set-up at the Hotel Hot Springs on Friday and outside the Bank Of Ozark Arena Race Day (pre-race outside the Arena entrance/post race in the Post Race Food Area).  You can pre-order to guarantee sizes and pick up at the SRF Booth.


Race Day – Packet Pick Up will be available at the Bank of Ozarks Arena Lobby from 6:00 am – 6:45 am. for the Summit² Challenge Half Marathon, 6:00 am – 7:45 am for the 10K & 5K and 8:00 am – 9:15 am for the Squirt Race.


Don’t forget – The Project Hope Food Bank Collection Van will be located at the entrance of the
Arena so help us Run Out Hunger by bringing some non-perishable food items!  These are the items the Food Bank needs: Peanut Butter, Ensure (any brand), Canned Vegetables, Canned Meats, Canned Fruits, Canned Dinners, Canned Soup, Cereal and Oatmeal.



Arkansas RRCA Meeting and Awards


The Arkansas RRCA Meeting and Awards will follow the Spa 10K awards presentation.  We will be right next door in Room 208/209 and will try to get started at 11:00 am.  We will be flexible with how the Spa 10K awards are going but I do want to get started as soon as possible.  There are several people who need to leave town for the Route 66 and other races.


This event is open to all runners so please feel welcome to attend.  Even if you don’t know what’s going on, I believe that everyone can enjoy the award presentations.  We will have light refreshments and water.


Arkansas RRCA Meeting and Awards

11:00 am to 12:30 pm

Hot Springs Convention Center

Room 208/209


The history of the Arkansas RRCA Awards is available at the archives page.



Breakaway 10K

On November 12 we had the 18th race of the 2016 Grand Prix and it was also a new race for the series.  With some nice cool temps and slight breezes, the flat route was a PR course for several runners, I heard.  The overall winners were Daniel Kirwa in 33:25 and Tia Stone in 37:51.  For the Grand Prix scores, the men of the Little Rock Roadrunners Club and the women of the Searcy Rush Running Club took top place in the team competitions.  There was a tie for 2nd place among the male teams between the Arkansas Running Klub and the Spa Pacers; the Pacers edged out ARK by virtue of Jim Lewis’s 29 points versus Joe Milligan’s 34.  Below is the team scoring breakout.


2016 Breakaway 10K team scores
Male Female
ARK Individual place sum team rank GP points ARK Individual place sum team rank GP points
Greg Walker 5 48 3 16 Angie Orellano-Fisher 25 106 10 2
Dj Walker 7 Debbie Thompson 31
Steve Baxter 17 Makenna Walker 50
Gregory Milligan 19
AURA Bernita Lovelace 0 0
Christopher Herrera 0 0
Brenda Ransom 23 95 8 6
CCC Marcia Miller 32
Reed Harrell 4 75 4 14 Missy Grande 40
Robert Harrell 12
Eugene Atha 18 CRC
Keith Knight 41 Jackie Stone 9 30 2 18
Amanda Castillo 10
CRC Carole Delaney 11
Bernie Larson 25 116 5 12
Braden Eason 28 HLRC
Don Potter 31 Pam McGill 13 47 4 14
Brent Ahne 32 Belinda Pack 14
Mindy Simonson 20
Brian Sieczkowski 1 19 1 20 LRRC
Homer Mason 2 Jennifer Found 2 34 3 16
Ron Mitchell 3 Sarah Olney 3
Steven Booth 13 Sheila Galatowitsch 29
Christian McGill 0 0 Sarah Kennedy 16 92 7 8
Glen Wile Donna Seagle 33
Lori Silver 43
PBRC 0 0
0 0
Katherine Williams 21 100 9 4
RRAC Rebecca Laymon 30
J’Lexa Hays 49
Lennon Bates 6 57 6 10
Beverly Brister 24
RVR Amanda Davis 27
0 0
0 0
Randy Collins 0 0 SRRC
Chris Hall Tia Stone 1 10 1 20
Donald Harrison Gosia Hightower 4
Kelli Harris 5
Alan Krenzelok 8 48 2 18 Debbie Kern 15 52 5 12
James Helms 9 Ha Vuong 18
Jeff Maxwell 11 Holly Craig 19
Billy Bob Hardman 20
SRRC 0 0 0 0
Rocky Stone
Travis Porter 0 0
Ron Smith
0 0
ARK Joe Milligan 34
SPA Jim Lewis 29



2017 Grand Prix


2017 Grand Prix

January 22, One Hour Track Run, Pottsville 
February 4, River Trail 15K, North Little Rock 
February 11, Valentine’s Day 5K, Russellville
February 19, Run the Line Half Marathon, Texarkana
March 11, Chase Race 2 Mile, Conway 
March 18, Spring Fling 5K, Cabot
April 1, Capital City Classic 10K, Little Rock
May 6, Toad Suck 10K, Conway
June 10, Arkansas Runner 2 Mile, Benton
June 17, Go! Mile, Little Rock 
August 5, White River 4 Mile Classic, Batesville 
August 12, Watermelon 5K, Hope
September 2, ARK 5K Classic, North Little Rock 
September 9, Minuteman Cross Country 5K, Little Rock 
September 16, Arkansas 20K, Benton
September 30, Paint Downtown Pink 5K, Fort Smith
October 14, Breakaway 10K, Searcy 
November 4, Midsouth Marathon, Wynne 
November 18, Spa 10K, Hot Springs
December 9, CASA Half Marathon, Pine Bluff 

Bolded are the championships


And I am pleased to announce that ImageOne will again provide the Grand Prix schedule magnets but unfortunately they will not be ready in time for the Arkansas RRCA Meeting and Awards.  So, I will distribute them best I can.  I will have them at the CASA Half Marathon and will happily bring them to running club meetings.


Happy running!

David Meroney
Arkansas RRCA State Rep
#ArkGrandPrix #ARKrun

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Arkansas RRCA awards, Breakaway 10K, Survivors’ Challenge 10K, and RRCA Coaching Certification

By David Meroney - Last updated: Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Hello, Arkansas runners!

I’m sure we all agree that the weather is finally cooling.  Time for some catchup and announcements.


Arkansas RRCA awards

Have you voted?  No, not the national election — have you voted in the Arkansas RRCA awards??  Voting is open till midnight, November 9.



Right now, 264 votes have been cast.  Please remind your club members to vote.  There are just 24 hours left to make your voice heard.  Over 1,000 people receive this blog and over 450 people run the Grand Prix; there are so many people who could vote but don’t.  Remember, every member of an Arkansas RRCA club is eligible to vote.


The awards will be presented at the Arkansas RRCA Meeting and Awards


Arkansas RRCA Meeting and Awards

November 19

Hot Springs Convention Center

Rooms 208 & 209

11:30 am


This will follow the Spa 10K awards which are presented next door in room 207.


Breakaway 10K


This coming Saturday is a new race to the Grand Prix:  the Breakaway 10K in Searcy.  This is a flat and fast course; come get a 10K PR.


Online registration

More info from race director below.

Hello Runners,

I wanted to send out some information to each of you regarding the Breakaway 10k coming up this weekend.  Here are a few things you should know.

1) The event will begin at 8:00 am.  We will start on E. Park Ave. north of Harding Academy in Searcy, AR.  We will be finishing on the track at First Security Stadium on the campus of Harding University.  Race registration will open at 7:00 amat First Security Stadium.  This is also the location of our race headquarters.  The awards ceremony, post race snacks, packet pick up, registration, and the finish line will all be located at the race headquarters.

2) Runners will have an oppurtunity to pick up your race numbers, timing chips, and t-shirts from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  Harding Academy will be hosting a home playoff game beginning at 7:00 pm at First Security Stadium, so it will be busy around campus.  Please refer to the attached document for the location of Friday Packet Pickup as well as some race day information.

3) We will be hosting a KidzDash during our event.  We will have two divisions.  The first division is for children ages 0 to 5.  These runners will race a 100 meter dash.  Children ages 6 to 10 will run a 400.  This event is free of cost and will begin after the awards ceremony.  We will also have a special participant this year, so come out and see the excitement!

4) If you would like a more detailed map of the Breakaway 10k course, then you can follow the link to our mapmyrun course map.  Here is the link.

5) We will have two aid stations along the course.  The aid station between mile marker 2 and 3 will only have water.  The aid station located at mile marker 5 will have water, powerade, and two types of GU gels.  We will have TriBerry which contains caffeine and Strawberry Banana which is caffeine free.  If you would like any other aids, feel free to drop them off at the aid stations prior to the event of carry them along with you during the race.

6) Saturday’s Forecast is currently:
HIGH: 62 Degrees
LOW: 37 Degrees

Cannot wait to see all of you at the line.  Get ready for a great race and get ready to BREAKAWAY!


Spa 10K


The very next week after the Breakaway 10K is the Spa 10K and the Spa Running Festival.  Be sure to take a look at the for information on the beneficiaries and the price increase that happens on November 11.


Online registration



Survivors’ Challenge 10K

October 15 saw the 17th race of the 2016 Arkansas Grand Prix.  The women of the Searcy Rush Running Club and the men of the Arkansas Ultra Running Club won the team competitions.  Ron Mitchell led all runners with a 36:41.1 finish followed closely by Tia Stone who won the female division with 37:38.5.  There was a team tie for 9th place between the men of Arkansas Running Club and the Spa Pacers.  David Walker of ARK earned 36 points which was the difference as there was no 5th place finisher for the Spa Pacers.  Below is the team scoring breakout:

2016 Survivors’ Challenge 10K team scores
Male Female
ARK Individual place sum team rank GP points ARK Individual place sum team rank GP points
Greg Walker 6 82 5 12 Kathleen Rea 8 76 9 4
Gregory Milligan 16 Debbie Thompson 29
Joe Milligan 28 Anne Walker 39
Britt Thompson 32
AURA Bernita Lovelace 0 0
Daniel Arnold 2 21 1 20
Phil Davison 3
Billy Plante 4
James Moy 12 CCC
Megan Goynes 14 69 8 6
CCC Bobi Karnes 27
Eugene Atha 0 0 Marcia Miller 28
Duane Goynes
Keith Knight CRC
Sherry Hall 9 48 4 14
Mandy Prince 19
CRC Cathy Potter 20
Brian Blair 15 80 4 14
Loren Kaylor 19 HLRC
Braden Eason 20 Pam McGill 11 82 10 2
David Edwards 26 Rhonda Burgos 35
Angela Beyette 36
Ron Mitchell 1 28 2 18 LRRC
Colin Hall 5 Emily Harbour 2 35 2 18
Mark Lacey 8 Rachel Hendrix 7
Steven Booth 14 Sheila Galatowitsch 26
0 0 Sarah Kennedy 15 67 7 8
Lori Silver 22
Donna Seagle 30
PBRC 0 0
0 0
Mackenzie Epperson 6 55 5 12
RRAC Katherine Williams 18
Rebecca Laymon 31
Lennon Bates 4 63 6 10
Amanda Davis 25
RVR Elaine Seamon 34
Raymond Petty 10 92 7 8
John Hunnicutt 22 SPA
Rick Estep 25 0 0
Isaac Epperson 35
Donald Harrison 0 0 SRRC
Tia Stone 1 9 1 20
Kem Thomas 3
Joanna White 5
James Helms 9 82 6 10 Debbie Kern 12 45 3 16
Jeff Maxwell 13 Ha Vuong 16
Larry Schmidt 29 Holly Craig 17
David Samuel 31
SRRC 0 0 0 0
Daniel Mahan 7 74 3 16
Travis Porter 11
Ron Smith 23
Joe Graham 33
0 0
David Walker 36


RRCA Coaching Certification

Arkansas will host another RRCA Coaching Certification course on March 25-27, 2017.  It will be at St. Vincent hospital in Little Rock.


Registration link

Register as soon as possible.  These classes fill up very quickly.


Happy running!

David Meroney
Arkansas RRCA State Rep
#ArkGrandPrix #ARKrun

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ARK 5K, Minuteman XC, and Arkansas 20K recaps

By David Meroney - Last updated: Sunday, October 9, 2016

Hello, Arkansas runners!

It was a great weekend last week to support the brave and quite possibly somewhat crazy runners taking on the Arkansas Traveller 100.  I worked the Electronic Tower aid station with the ARK team and had a good time; this is only one of several aid stations that are staffed by caring and dedicated individuals.  There are well over 350 volunteers who come out to support this race and its 160+ runners.  It’s just such a privilege to be part of the Arkansas running community.


ARK 5K Classic


September 3 saw the 35th running of the ARK 5K Classic.  It’s hosted by the Arkansas Running Klub and while the race location has changed over the years, it has been in North Little Rock over the years.  This year the race featured a new course and from what I heard, the feedback was positive for the new route.  What are your thoughts?  Comment below.

Photo album

Throughout the history of this race, there has been one competitor who has completed every running:  Linda House.  I’m certain that Linda has volunteered as many hours to running as many people have spent training.  And she has run every single ARK 5K Classic.  But this year was a bit different.  She broke a hip recently and it became clear that her streak of running the event had come to an end.  But she was not to be deterred and she completed the race on a wheelchair with the aid of her sister.


Brian Sieczkowski of Maumelle and Tia Stone of Searcy were the overall winners of the race.  And the team competition was won by the women of Searcy Rush Running Club and the men of the Little Rock Roadrunners.  Below are the team scoring details.


2016 ARK 5K Classic team scores
Male Female
ARK Individual place sum team rank GP points ARK Individual place sum team rank GP points
Greg Walker 11 148 8 6 Angie Orellano-Fisher 40 145 11 1
Steve Baxter 37 Debbie Thompson 47
Gregory Milligan 42 Jennifer Cate 58
Joe Milligan 58
AURA Bernita Lovelace 0 0
Billy Plante 9 68 3 16
Phil Davison 15
Daniel Arnold 17
Christopher Herrera 27 CCC
Megan Goynes 28 131 9 4
CCC Bobi Karnes 51
Reed Harrell 10 104 6 10 Marcia Miller 52
Frank Thurman 14
Robert Harrell 35 CRC
Eugene Atha 45 Carole Delaney 14 66 4 14
Sherry Hall 17
CRC Mandy Prince 35
Brian Blair 32 202 9 4
Braden Eason 53 HLRC
Brent Ahne 57 Tara Caudle 20 67 5 12
David Edwards 60 Belinda Pack 21
Pam McGill 26
Brian Sieczkowski 1 10 1 20 LRRC
Jonathan Aram 2 Jennifer Found 2 12 2 18
Mark Ferguson 3 Sarah Olney 3
Homer Mason 4 Emily Harbour 7
Brian Wagner 19 93 4 14 Sarah Kennedy 25 111 8 6
Cade Wagner 21 Lori Silver 37
Don Still 25 Donna Seagle 49
Kim Howard 28
PBRC Cymber Gieringer 0 0
0 0
Erika Nava 15 83 6 10
RRAC Katherine Williams 32
Rebecca Laymon 36
Jenny Massanelli 4 59 3 16
Lennon Bates 11
RVR Beverly Brister 44
Edward Hill 7 66 2 18
Michael Witt 16 SPA
Jonathan Ratzlaff 20 Debbie Hill 22 131 10 2
Raymond Petty 23 Elan McAfee 42
Pamela Lee 67
Scott Kees 22 111 7 8 SRRC
Gregory Davis 26 Tia Stone 1 12 1 20
Chad Pekron 30 Gosia Hightower 5
Glenn Kuhn 33 Kem Thomas 6
Josh Whisenhunt 8 93 5 12 Debbie Kern 27 87 7 8
Alan Krenzelok 18 Holly Craig 29
James Helms 29 Ha Vuong 31
Jeff Maxwell 38
SRRC 0 0 Michelle Huff 0 0
Rocky Stone
Christine Ferguson 10
WAR Joanna White 8
Travis Porter 0 0
Ron Smith CCC
Susan Cormier 63
Bruce Oakley 0 0



Minuteman Cross Country 5K


Like the Watermelon 5K, on September 10 the weather threatened another race; this time it was the Minuteman Cross Country 5K in Little Rock.  But just as the race started, the skies cleared and it got both sunny and quite warm by the end of all the races.  In addition to the Open heat which was the race for the Grand Prix, there were separated races for high school girls and boys and then junior high girls and boys events.  For all the many Open runners who stuck around, it was a treat to see this young runners absolutely give everything they have in their races.

Photo album

The Open race winners were Brian Sieczkowski and Tia Stone.  The men of Little Rock Roadrunners and the women of Searcy Rush Running Club won the team competitions.  Below are details on the team scores.

2016 Minuteman Cross Country 5K team scores
Male Female
ARK Individual place sum team rank GP points ARK Individual place sum team rank GP points
Greg Walker 12 89 4 21 Angie Orellano-Fisher 29 142 9 3
DJ Walker 20 Makenna Walker 55
Steve Baxter 24 Anne Walker 58
Gregory Milligan 33
AURA Bernita Lovelace 0 0
Phil Davison 10 157 6 15
James Moy 31
Dan Belanger 56
Michael Harmon 60 CCC
Megan Goynes 23 108 7 9
CCC Bobi Karnes 42
Frank Thurman 15 160 7 12 Marcia Miller 43
Eugene Atha 35
Duane Goynes 46 CRC
Keith Knight 64 Carole DeLaney 12 47 4 21
Sherry Hall 17
CRC Julie Kaylor 18
Loren Kaylor 40 175 9 6
Braden Eason 41 HLRC
Bernie Larson 44 Pam McGill 19 90 5 18
Brent Ahne 50 Mindy Simonson 22
Rhonda Burgos 49
Brian Sieczkowski 1 10 1 30 LRRC
Mark Ferguson 2 Jennifer Found 2 15 2 27
Jonathan Aram 3 Sarah Olney 3
Homer Mason 4 Tammy Helmick 10
Brian Wagner 16 136 5 18 Sarah Kennedy 20 91 6 12
Kim Howard 21 Lori Silver 30
Christian McGill 45 Donna Seagle 41
Glen Wile 54
PBRC 0 0
0 0
Katherine Williams 25 116 8 6
RRAC Rebecca Laymon 32
J’lexa Hays 59
Jenny Massanelli 4 20 3 24
Lennon Bates 7
RVR Nicole Hobbs 9
Michael Witt 11 82 2 27
Billy Mills 17 SPA
Raymond Petty 18 Elan McAfee 0 0
David Mccormick 36
Jason Herring 13 87 3 24 SRRC
Gregory Davis 22 Tia Stone 1 12 1 30
Chad Pekron 25 Kem Thomas 5
Chris Hall 27 Abigail White 6
Jeff Maxwell 23 163 8 9 Ha Vuong 0 0
James Helms 26 Mary Jo Brinkman
Joshua Drake 55
Larry Schmidt 59
SRRC 0 0 0 0
Rocky Stone
Travis Porter 0 0
Ron Smith
0 0


Arkansas 20K


What did everyone think about the new Arkansas 20K course?  I certainly heard many good things; feel free to add a comment below if you like.  I know the free snow cones were a big hit.


Photo album


The women of Searcy Rush Running Club and the men of the Little Rock Roadrunners Club took the team competitions.  And Mark Ferguson of Little Rock and Tia Stone of Searcy were the winners of the race.  Below are details of the team scoring.

2016 Arkansas 20K team scores
Male Female
ARK Individual place sum team rank GP points ARK Individual place sum team rank GP points
Gregory Milligan 0 0 Angie Orellano-Fisher 0 0
Joe Milligan Anne Walker
David Walker
AURA Bernita Lovelace 0 0
Erik Heller 2 22 2 18 Elaine Gimblet
Phil Davison 3
Greg Massanelli 8
Billy Plante 9 CCC
Bobi Karnes 0 0
CCC Susan Cormier
Robert Harrell 0 0
Eugene Atha
Keith Knight CRC
Wanda King 9 35 4 14
Amanda Castillo 11
CRC Sherry Hall 15
David Edwards 0 0
Loren Kaylor HLRC
Brent Ahne Erin Brunner 8 32 3 16
Pam McGill 10
Ashley Honeywell 14
Mark Ferguson 1 17 1 20 LRRC
Ron Mitchell 4 Rachel Hendrix 7 60 5 12
Colin Hall 5 Ginea Qualls 16
Brian Sites 7 Sheila Galatowitsch 37
Kim Howard 0 0 Sarah Kennedy 19 79 6 10
Don Still Lori Silver 26
Donna Seagle 34
PBRC Cymber Gieringer 0 0
Jeff Bost 0 0 Jennifer McGarrity
Rebecca Laymon 23 95 7 8
RRAC Katherine Williams 25 c
Mary Lynne Hawkins 47
Jenny Massanelli 2 13 2 18
Lennon Bates 5
RVR Nicole Hobbs 6
Bryon Murders 0 0
Steve George SPA
Thad Hinkle 0 0
Jeffrey Grove 10 64 3 16 SRRC
Jason Herring 11 Tia Stone 1 8 1 20
Randy Collins 19 Kelli Harris 3
Jon Martin 24 Natalie Ragsdale 4
James Helms Holly Craig 0 0
Jeff Maxwell 0 0 Debbie Kern
Larry Schmidt
0 0
SRRC 0 0
Travis Porter 0 0
Ron Smith
0 0


Arkansas RRCA awards ballot

I’ll post the ballot this week.  Be on the lookout.



Happy running!

David Meroney
Arkansas RRCA State Rep
#ArkGrandPrix #ARKrun

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And then there were four…

By David Meroney - Last updated: Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hello, Arkansas runners!

It’s the start of the fall and we have 16 races behind us and 4 to go in the 2016 Arkansas Grand Prix; and only 3 races remain for the youth runners.  We have three 10K races in a row and then capped by the CASA Half Marathon in December.  There is still time to gain points that can make a difference in the Overall and Age Group categories.  And I’ll remind everyone that you must have at least 5 race finishes to be eligible for a Grand Prix award at the end of the season.  The following Age Groups do NOT currently have 5 qualifiers or at least the full Age Group for year-end awards:





And don’t forget that some of the Age Groups will have Overall, Masters, Grand Masters, and Seniors award winners so the groups will have to go deeper to fill the Age Group award recipients.  The Female 65-69 AG comes to mind as one group that will likely not fill all the Age Group awards.


Survivors’ Challenge 10K

Two weeks from today will be the race #17 of the 2016 Grand Prix.  We’ll meet in Fort Smith for the Survivors’ Challenge 10K on October 15; the 10K event starts at 8:00 am.  5K runners start at 8:10 am.

Online registration

There will be onsite registration on race morning just for Grand Prix runners.

Course Map


Arkansas RRCA Awards nominations

Now accepting nominations for the Arkansas RRCA Awards  Listing of the categories and previous award winners:

Email your nomination to: Deadline is end of day, Monday, October 3


The awards will be presented at the 2016 Arkansas RRCA Awards and Meeting on November 19 following the Spa 10K in Hot Springs.  Exact time and location will be announced later but it will be in the Hot Springs Convention Center.


2017 Grand Prix bids

Monday, October 3 is also the deadline for submitting a race to be considered for the 2017 Grand Prix.

Bid form



Watermelon 5K


August 13 in Hope, we watched the skies as everyone was certain we would have a major washout of the rain.  Instead, the skies parted and we had a nice, if maybe very humid race.  Brian Sieczkowski of Maumelle and Tia Stone of Searcy each won the male and female divisions of the race, respectively.  Both the male and female teams of the Little Rock Roadrunners won that competition.  In the male teams, there was a tie for 4th place with both the River Valley Runners and the Saline County Striders tying with 95 points.  The tie-breaker fell to the 5th place runner for each team.  Donald Harrison of the Striders finished in 34th place over Tom Aspel of RVR with a 54th place.

Album #1

Album #2


Team scoring

2016 Watermelon 5K team scores
Male Female
ARK Individual place sum team rank GP points ARK Individual place sum team rank GP points
Greg Walker 13 118 6 15 Kathleen Rea 14 69 6 15
Dj Walker 23 Angie Orellano-Fisher 24
Gregory Milligan 33 Debbie Thompson 31
Joe Milligan 49
AURA Bernita Lovelace 0 0
Daniel Arnold 9 51 3 24
Billy Plante 10
Phil Davison 15
Greg Massanelli 17 CCC
Bobi Karnes 28 110 10 3
CCC Susan Cormier 40
Reed Harrell 14 134 7 12 Katie Becker 42
Robert Harrell 25
Eugene Atha 36 CRC
Keith Knight 59 Carole Delaney 9 32 4 21
Wanda King 10
CRC Sherry Hall 13
Brian Blair 19 149 8 9
Braden Eason 40 HLRC
Bernie Larson 42 Pam McGill 19 80 8 9
Don Potter 48 Mindy Simonson 23
Rhonda Burgos 38
Brian Sieczkowski 1 19 1 30 LRRC
Mark Ferguson 3 Jennifer Found 2 13 1 30
Ron Mitchell 4 Emily Harbour 4
Ricky Martinez 11 Christine Ferguson 7
Brian Wagner 16 175 9 6 Sarah Kennedy 16 74 7 12
Christian McGill 47 Lori Silver 26
Glen Wile 52 Donna Seagle 32
Marvin Engels 60
PBRC 0 0
0 0
Mackenzie Epperson 17 64 5 18
RRAC Katherine Williams 22
Rebecca Laymon 25
Jenny Massanelli 3 14 2 27
Nicole Hobbs 5
RVR Lennon Bates 6
Edward Hill 5 95 5 18
Jacob Mills 8 SPA
Rick Estep 39 Hope Drake 0 0
John Hunnicutt 43
Jeffrey Grove 18 95 4 21 SRRC
Gregory Davis 24 Tia Stone 1 21 3 24
Chris Hall 26 Joanna White 8
Randy Collins 27 Abigail White 12
Noah Eskew 2 36 2 27 Ha Vuong 21 97 9 6
Gideon Drake 6 Mary Jo Brinkman 35
Josh Whisenhunt 7 Ann Kinder 41
James Helms 21
SRRC 0 0 0 0
Rocky Stone
Travis Porter 0 0
Ron Smith
Paul Kinder
Rusty Hinges 0 0
Tom Aspel 54
Donald Harrison 34



Happy running!

David Meroney
Arkansas RRCA State Rep
#ArkGrandPrix #ARKrun

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Minuteman Cross Country 5K – this Saturday

By David Meroney - Last updated: Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Hello, Arkansas Runners!


Just a quick update on this blog post about the race on Saturday.  I’ll have a full update soon.


Minuteman Cross Country 5K


There are two new races in the Arkansas Grand Prix this year.  One is the Breakaway 10K in Search on November 12.  The other is the Minuteman Cross Country 5K this Saturday, September 10.  It’s the only cross country race in the season (if you don’t count the Rock Run 8K earlier this year with it’s 20 yards of grass).  The race is put on by the Little Rock Roadrunners Club and the race director is none other than the legendary Bill Torrey — the very man who has the Arkansas RRCA Race Director of the Year award named for him.  The Little Rock Roadrunners have some details on the race on their webpage.



And remember, this is the Arkansas RRCA Cross Country State Championship race for 2016.  In addition to the race awards, there will be 8 RRCA championship medals to present to the Overall, Masters, Grand Masters, and Seniors winners for both male and female.  And this is a championship race for the Arkansas Grand Prix so up to 30 points are on the line for both individual and team scores.  After this race, five races remain, one of which is a championship.

The course is real pretty as this was once a city Golf Course.  The route is 1-1/2 loops around while mostly flat there is a couple of hills.

Parking is the biggest issue as this a neighborhood park.  There will be National Guard Personnel to direct you.  There will be some parking at the park itself and the Grand Prix people should get most of that. There is also parking at the Western Hill Methodist Church (1/4 mile from the park) and Western Hills Elementary School which is next to the church.  There will be no car parking on Fairway as that will be used for the school buses. Please be aware of residential driveways and not block them.

Centennial Bank is providing the cooker and LRRC will be cooking hot dogs and Hamburgers; there will be water and other snacks as well.


A few of the RRCA Clubs to come with a tent or sign to support their town/city team. We want this to be a great celebration for the students and what better way then to have local running clubs support them.  There will be 27 schools present with the Senior HS Boys starting off.


Here are primarily three ways to arrive:

5207 Western Hills Avenue
Little Rock, AR US 72204


Youth Runners notice

For youth runners who will be representing their school at the Minuteman, Grand Prix points cannot be earned.  The Arkansas Activities Association has a specific rule that bars students from representing any other team than their school in events.  This includes Arkansas RRCA clubs in the Grand Prix.


2016 Arkansas RRCA Awards nominations

Now accepting nominations for the 2016 Arkansas RRCA Awards.

Listing of the categories and previous award winners:

Email your nomination to:


Bidding is open for the 2017 Arkansas Grand Prix

To submit your race for consideration in the 2017 Arkansas Grand Prix, use this form.

For new races wanting to get into the Grand Prix, I suggest you read the primer that I posted in the Arkansas RRCA forum.



Happy running!

David Meroney
Arkansas RRCA State Rep
#ArkGrandPrix #ARKrun

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Heat and hills

By David Meroney - Last updated: Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hello, Arkansas runners!


Watermelon 5K

Saturday, August 10

Race-day registration and packet pickup starts at 6:00 am

*Arkansas Grand Prix Championship AND the 2016 Arkansas RRCA 5K State Championship

Up to 30 Grand Prix points are on the line as are RRCA State Championship medals for the top Overall, Masters, Grand Masters, and Seniors finishers for both men and woman.


White River 4 Mile Classic

Start of the White River 4 Mile Classic

Start of the 2016 White River 4 Mile Classic

Welcome back from our summer break.  We got things started off fast but not too hot with White River 4 Mile Classic.  The skies over Batesville were overcast for the race and the rain held until well after the race; the temps weren’t too high — at least compared to years past — but it was plenty humid.  Arkansas Grand Prix championship points were on the line for the 38th running of the White River 4 Mile Classic.  And there are two runners who have run and completed every single White River 4 Mile Classic:  Andy Buschmann of Batesville and Jack Heston of Southhaven, MS.  These two runners again finished the 2016 race to keep the streak alive.


Tia Stone of Searcy led the women with a time of 25:10.57.  Brian Sieczkowski of Maumelle was the top overall finisher with 22:11.31.  The men of the Little Rock Roadrunners Club was the team competition with a 1-4 sweep.  After finishing second in the team competition in multiple races this year, the women of the Saline County Striders came in first place for the first time this year.  Congrats to all the victors.

Photo album


Team Scoring

2016 White River 4 Mile Classic team scores
Male Female
ARK Individual place sum team rank GP points ARK Individual place sum team rank GP points
Greg Walker 17 145 7 12 Kathleen Rea 11 93 8 9
Dj Walker 30 Debbie Thompson 29
Gregory Milligan 42 Anne Walker 53
Joe Milligan 56
AURA 0 0
Daniel Arnold 10 67 3 24
Billy Plante 12
Greg Massanelli 21
Phil Davison 24 CCC
Marcia Miller 35 121 9 6
CCC Bobi Karnes 39
Frank Thurman 13 127 6 15 Susan Cormier 47
Robert Harrell 23
John Allison 45 CRC
Eugene Atha 46 Carole Delaney 12 39 3 24
Sherry Hall 13
CRC Jackie Stone 14
Keith Stone 26 154 8 9
Brian Blair 29 HLRC
Braden Eason 49 Belinda Pack 16 54 5 18
Bernie Larson 50 Tara Caudle 18
Pam McGill 20
Brian Sieczkowski 1 10 1 30 LRRC
Mark Ferguson 2 Christine Ferguson 0 0
Jonathan Aram 3 Sheila Galatowitsch
Homer Mason 4
Brian Wagner 18 116 5 18 Sarah Kennedy 17 77 6 15
Cade Wagner 19 Lori Silver 28
Kim Howard 22 Donna Seagle 32
Glen Wile 57
PBRC Cymber Gieringer 0 0
Joey Gieringer 0 0
Mary Simmons 3 52 4 21
RRAC Katherine Williams 24
Rebecca Laymon 25
Jenny Massanelli 2 11 1 30
Nicole Hobbs 4
RVR Lennon Bates 5
Jacob Mills 5 64 2 27
Edward Hill 7 SPA
Billy Mills 20 0 0
Raymond Petty 32
Glenn Kuhn 31 159 9 6 SRRC
Chris Hall 40 Tia Stone 1 15 2 27
Randy Collins 41 Kelli Harris 6
Donald Harrison 47 Abigail White 8
Josh Whisenhunt 9 97 4 21 Holly Craig 21 84 7 12
Alan Krenzelok 25 Ha Vuong 23
James Helms 28 Mary Jo Brinkman 40
Jeff Maxwell 35
SRRC 0 0 Michelle Huff 0 0
Jonathan Dorris Donna Johnson
Rocky Stone
Travis Porter 0 0
Ron Smith
Bruce Oakley 0 0
Todd Coleman
Rusty Hinges



Happy running!

David Meroney
Arkansas RRCA State Rep
#ArkGrandPrix #ARKrun

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Summer Break!

By David Meroney - Last updated: Saturday, July 2, 2016

Hello, Arkansas runners!


We are now at the start of the summer break for the Grand Prix.  Happy 4th of July to you and our great nation!  I enjoy seeing your pictures of vacations and especially that some of you nuts are out there running at the beach, or in the mountains, or where ever your travels take you.  Kidding!  I do that too.  For me, the best way to take in a new place is on foot.  I see and experience things while running that would be missed driving and I’m sure that’s true for you too.  Enjoy your vacations and keep up your running.  We return to the Grand Prix season in August with the White River 4 Mile Classic on the 6th and then the Watermelon 5K on the 13th.  Both are state championship races so valuable points are on the line.


White River 4 Mile Classic

Batesville, August 6,  7:30 am

Online registration


Watermelon 5K

Hope, August 13, 7:30 am

Online registration


Arkansas Runner 2 Mile and Go! Mile

We had two Grand Prix races recently that mark the half-way point in the 20-race season.  The Arkansas Runner 2 Mile in Benton on June 11 was the 10th race of the year; and one week later was the Go! Mile in Little Rock on June 18.  The first half of the season had 5 championship and 5 non-championship races which means the remainder of the season starting with the Go! Mile has the same balance of races.  And the real meaning here is that it’s a new race for the year-end champions.  Only the top 5 championship and top 5 non-championship races count for each individual in all the various categories so it’s entirely possible for major changes in the Overall, Masters, Grand Masters, Seniors, and Age Group standings.  Teams count the best 16 race scores out of the total 20 so there is less room to make dramatic changes in the team standings.


The winners of the Arkansas Runner 2 Mile were the teams of Searcy Rush Running Club for the women and the men of the Little Rock Roadrunners Club.  Brian Sieczkowski of Little Rock and Tia Stone of Searcy were the top Grand Prix male and female finishers.


In the Go! Mile, the women of Searcy Rush Running Club and the men of the Little Rock Roadrunners Club won the team competitions just as they have done all season so far.  And in repeat fashion, Brian Sieczkowski of Little Rock and Tia Stone of Searcy were again the top Grand Prix male and female finishers.  Also, the Go! Mile was the RRCA National Championship for the 1-mile distance for the 3rd year in a row.  The distinction will pass to another race next year but we will certainly try to have it return in the future.


Arkansas state 1-mile records updated with 2016 Go! Mile results


Arkansas Outside article by Kelly Richards, AKA K2, RRCA At-large Director

GO! Mile One Lap, One Mile, One Fast Little Race


Go! Mile album by Tina Coker

Arkansas RRCA photo album #1

Arkansas RRCA photo album #2


























Go! Mile National Champions


Overall Female

Jessica Kamilos, Fayetteville, AR, 22



Masters Female

Kem Thomas, Searcy, AR, 42



Grand Masters Female

Lynn O’Neal, Bryant, AR, 52



Seniors Female

Debbie Hill, Hot Springs, AR, 65



Overall Male

Allen Eke, Plainfield, NJ, 21



Masters Male

Timothy Gore, Clarksville, TN, 46



Grand Masters Male

Ron Mitchell, Little Rock, AR, 52



Seniors Male

Peter Mullin, Houston, TX, 65




Breakdown of team scores for the Arkansas Runner 2 Mile and the Go! Mile


2016 Arkansas Runner 2 Mile team scores
Male Female
ARK Individual place sum team rank GP points ARK Individual place sum team rank GP points
Jacob Hudgins 12 98 5 12 Kathleen Rea 13 112 8 6
Greg Walker 14 Angie Orellano-Fisher 34
DJ Walker 28 Makenna Walker 65
Steve Baxter 44
AURA 0 0
Daniel Arnold 19 110 6 10
Christopher Herrera 26
Greg Massanelli 30
William Fletcher 35 CCC
Bobi Karnes 38 135 10 2
CCC Jane Gunter 40
Frank Thurman 21 157 8 6 Susan Cormier 57
John Allison 48 CRC
Eugene Atha 49 Wanda King 15 55 4 14
Carole DeLaney 19
CRC Sherry Hall 21
Brian Blair 29 168 9 4
Justin Akin 37 HLRC
JD Booker 45 Lori Carfagno 25 86 6 10
Braden Eason 57 Belinda Pack 28
Mindy Simonson 33
Brian Sieczkowski 1 10 1 20 LRRC
Mark Ferguson 2 Christine Ferguson 9 35 3 16
Homer Mason 3 Rachel Hendrix 12
Jonathan Aram 4 Tammy Helmick 14
Brian Wagner 18 120 7 8 Sarah Kennedy 29 108 7 8
Kim Howard 25 Lori Silver 31
Don Still 27 Donna Seagle 48
Cade Wagner 50
PBRC Bethany Mooney 0 0
0 0 Cymber Gieringer
Mary Simmons 3 26 2 18
RRAC Mackenzie Epperson 7
Adrianna Simmons 16
Lennon Bates 5 57 5 12
Jenny Massanelli 8
RVR Amanda Davis 44
Edward Hill 5 63 2 18
Jacob Mills 8 SPA
Bryon Murders 16 Debbie Hill 24 115 9 4
Billy Mills 34 Elan McAfee 35
Hope Drake 56
Jason Herring 15 84 4 14 SRRC
Jeffrey Grove 22 Tia Stone 1 7 1 20
Gregory Davis 23 Gosia Hightower 2
Eric Baker 24 Natalie Ragsdale 4
Josh Whisenhunt 10 73 3 16 Holly Craig 0 0
Gideon Drake 11
Alan Krenzelok 20
Jeff Maxwell 32
SRRC 0 0 Michelle Huff 0 0
Rocky Stone
Travis Porter 0 0
Ron Smith
Bruce Oakley 0 0
Rusty Hinges


2016 Go! Mile team scores
Male Female
ARK Individual place sum team rank GP points ARK Individual place sum team rank GP points
Jacob Hudgins 13 102 5 18 Kathleen Rea 16 126 7 12
Greg Walker 16 Angie Orellano-Fisher 49
Dj Walker 27 Debbie Thompson 61
Steve Baxter 46
AURA Elizabeth Kimble 41 135 10 3
Billy Plante 12 90 4 21 Bernita Lovelace 46
Caleb Ault 20 Karen Hayes 48
Greg Massanelli 28
Christopher Herrera 30 CCC
Bobi Karnes 55 204 12 1
CCC Susan Cormier 73
Frank Thurman 21 154 8 9 Susan Ford 76
Phillip Walker 39
Robert Harrell 44 CRC
Eugene Atha 50 Wanda King 18 59 5 18
Carole Delaney 19
CRC Jackie Stone 22
Justin Akin 24 131 7 12
Brian Blair 29 HLRC
Keith Stone 33 Mindy Simonson 24 79 6 15
Jd Booker 45 Tara Caudle 25
Belinda Pack 30
Brian Sieczkowski 1 13 1 30 LRRC
Mark Ferguson 3 Christine Ferguson 9 40 4 21
Homer Mason 4 Rachel Hendrix 11
Ryan Lawrence 5 Mary Wells 20
Brian Wagner 25 170 9 6 Sarah Kennedy 29 132 9 6
Kim Howard 38 Lori Silver 39
Cade Wagner 42 Donna Seagle 64
Christian McGill 65
PBRC Bethany Mooney 0 0
Joey Gieringer 0 0 Cymber Gieringer
Mary Simmons 4 31 3 24
RRAC Erika Nava 10
Donald Cavenaugh Adrianna Simmons 17
Jenny Massanelli 3 21 2 27
Lennon Bates 6
RVR Lynn O’Neal 12
Edward Hill 7 53 2 27
Jacob Mills 9 SPA
Bryon Murders 18 Debbie Hill 37 197 11 1
Michael Witt 19 Pamela Lee 74
Jean Schooler 86
Jeffrey Grove 15 129 6 15 SRRC
Gregory Davis 22 Tia Stone 1 8 1 30
Randy Collins 43 Gosia Hightower 2
Donald Harrison 49 Kem Thomas 5
Noah Eskew 2 72 3 24 Ha Vuong 40 127 8 9
Gideon Drake 10 Sheri Nicholls 42
Jeff Maxwell 26 Debbie Kern 45
James Helms 34
SRRC 0 0 Michelle Huff 0 0
Rocky Stone
Travis Porter 0 0
Ron Smith
Jeff Necessary
Bruce Oakley 0 0
Rusty Hinges



Run@Work and Run@School


Who all is planning Run@Work or Run@School events?  It’s September 16, 2016 and I’d love to help promote, publicize, and support what you are doing.  Email me to let me know:

If you don’t have something planned, think about doing so.  This is a great way to reach out to people not already in the running community.  Check out the RRCA information on this program:







I’ve mentioned the new RRCA ROADIES program a few times and have even discussed this directly with a few of you.  I have room to invite a few more.  Take a look at the details on the program at  In order to get signed up, take a look at the form at the bottom.  Email your answers to everything including your selection of the ROADIE gear and sizes.  I will fill in the forms for you and will cover the costs.



At the bottom of the page you should see a comment field.  In the past, there has been no commenting function on this blog.  I hope a few will test it out and so I can see how well it works for a user other than myself.  Of course, keep it clean or I’ll have to delete you!  🙂


2017 Grand Prix bidding and 2016 RRCA Awards

Bidding for the 2017 Grand Prix and nominations for the 2016 Arkansas RRCA Awards start on September 1.  Start planning now for both.


Happy running!

David Meroney
Arkansas RRCA State Rep
#ArkGrandPrix #ARKrun

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Rock Run recap and upcoming races

By David Meroney - Last updated: Sunday, May 29, 2016

Hello, Arkansas runners!


Summer is here without a doubt.  It’s been flirting with us for a month and went into hiding for a surprisingly cool and breezy Rock Run 8K.  But I think it’s here to stay for a few months; time to get used to the heat and humidity.  Ugh


Upcoming Grand Prix races

We have two Grand Prix races coming up in very short order.  The Arkansas Runner 2 Mile in Benton is 2 weeks from yesterday; and one week after is the Go! Mile in Little Rock.  Are you registered yet?  Do it now so the RDs can anticipate the number of of shirts, etc.  Many people wait to the last minute to register for races and that’s ok in some cases.  But if you know you are going to run the race, register early.  The earlier you can register for a race, the better it is for the race.


Arkansas Runner 2 Mile on June 11



There is no early packet pickup.  Race starts at 7:30 am and proceeds benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Saline County.  Kids run free.


Go! Mile on June 18


Go! Running will host a race expo / packet pickup on Friday, June 17, 10am to 6pm at the store at 1819 North Grant, Little Rock 72207.  The First Mile heat of the Go! Mile is at 7:00 am with other heats following up for the Women and Men 40 and over, Women and Men under 40, the Elite heat (National Championship) and then the Kids’ Mini Mile.  Keep in mind that the First Mile is intended for people who are not familiar with racing.  It is NOT a means for fast people to get their race over with early.  If you have run a race in the last 10 years, the First Mile is not for you.  Disqualifications are distinctly possible.


The Go! Mile is a fun, fast-paced morning.  Arrive early, watch the other heats, run your heat, cheer on the Elites and the Kids and have a great day.  A number of the RRCA clubs in the state will have tents set up under the trees.  The awards ceremony will be in front of the tents to hopefully take advantage of shade from the trees.  And we plan to get through the awards as quickly as possible – it does get hot and sunny quick in the middle of June.


National (Global) Running Day

In a way, this event is in competition with the RRCA.  It’s not coordinated with the national RRCA and it is definitely a top-down endeavor at the national level (compared to the non-profit status and grassroots model of the RRCA).  The RRCA does promote running to new people every year with the Run@Work and Run@School program which is always the 3rd Friday in September (September 16, 2016).  If you have an event in your area, let me know:  So keep that in mind if you pledge money on the national running day website that some may go to processing fees for an organization that doesn’t reveal much about itself.  This is just to make you aware and not to stir up controversy.  I see everything right about setting aside a day to promote running and to bring new people into the fold.  I know of three events that are planned in the state:



June 1, 5:00 am, 6:00 am, 12:00 pm Noon, and 6:00 pm with multiple distances available

*all groups will leave from Conway Regional Health & Fitness Center A.K.A. “the barn.”




Little Rock

June 1, 6:00 am

Murray Park, Little Rock

Free online signup – please sign up so organizers have enough water, etc.





Spa Pacers honor memory of two runners

Donated water fountain in memory of Danny Williams and Brent Morrison at the Transportation Depot in Hot Springs - by the Spa Pacers

Donated water fountain in memory of Danny Williams and Brent Morrison at the Transportation Depot in Hot Springs – by the Spa Pacers

Thank you to the Arkansas Spa Pacers for donating the money for this new water fountain and for the City of Hot Springs for putting it in place.  I look forward to using this new water fountain located at the Transport Depot in Hot Springs; it has a spigot to fill water bottles as well as a dog bowl.  I wish I knew Danny better; the impact he made on so many is evident.  Brent was a good friend of mine and I miss him; he was happy and full of life every single time I saw him.  These two men showed us how to live our lives by running happy and encouraging others — in my very humble opinion.  Never forget


Rock Run 8K

Photos I took — feel free to tag and steal

As I mentioned earlier, the 2016 Rock Run 8K was remarkably cool thanks to the departure from the Memorial Day weekend date it has held since it’s re-inception.  The folks at Easter Seals did us all a favor by moving it two weeks up.  Some familiar names took the top spots in the race:  Mark Ferguson of Little Rock won the male division with 26:56.7 and Tia Stone took the women’s division with 31:18.7.  The team competition was tight for this race with the women of Searcy Rush Running Club taking the top points and the men of Little Rock Roadrunners Club doing the same.  In the women’s team competition, I’ll point out that first place was Searcy with 18 points, second was Little Rock Roadrunners with 19, and third was Saline County Striders at 20; this is incredibly tight scoring and shows how close the women’s competition can be.  The women of River Valley Runners were very close with 31 points.  In the men’s team competition, there was a tie for 5th between the Arkansas Running Klub and the Saline County Striders at 122 points; the tie-breaker went to SCS with Glenn Kuhn’s 45 points compared to ARK’s Bill Crow at 58 points. Below is the complete breakdown of team scores:

2016 Rock Run 8K team scores
Male Female
ARK Individual place sum team rank GP points ARK Individual place sum team rank GP points
Jacob Hudgins 18 122 6 10 Kathleen Rea 15 139 10 2
Greg Walker 23 Debbie Thompson 52
Dj Walker 28 Makenna Walker 72
Gregory Milligan 53
AURA 0 0
Billy Plante 11 93 3 16
Bob McCullar 25
Greg Massanelli 27
Christopher Herrera 30 CCC
Jennifer Vaught 37 124 9 4
CCC Brenda Ransom 39
Frank Thurman 21 160 7 8 Bobi Karnes 48
Robert Harrell 40
Eugene Atha 49 CRC
John Allison 50 Wanda King 17 54 5 12
Carole Delaney 18
CRC Jackie Stone 19
Keith Stone 29 182 8 6
Brian Blair 44 HLRC
John Berryman 47 Valerie Clark 14 72 6 10
Braden Eason 62 Tara Caudle 27
Lori Carfagno 31
Mark Ferguson 1 10 1 20 LRRC
Brian Sieczkowski 2 Sarah Olney 3 19 2 18
Homer Mason 3 Emily Harbour 6
Jonathan Aram 4 Tammy Helmick 10
Brian Wagner 0 0 Sarah Kennedy 0 0
Kim Howard Lori Silver
Cade Wagner
PBRC Bethany Mooney 26 105 7 8
0 0 Cymber Gieringer 38
Jennifer McGarrity 41
Mary Simmons 2 31 4 14
RRAC Mackenzie Epperson 9
Adrianna Simmons 20
Jenny Massanelli 5 20 3 16
Lennon Bates 7
RVR Nicole Hobbs 8
Edward Hill 7 71 2 18
Jacob Mills 8 SPA
Bryon Murders 19 Debbie Hill 32 141 11 1
David McCormick 37 Elan McAfee 44
Lisa e Grove 65
Jeffrey Grove 22 122 5 12 SRRC
Gregory Davis 32 Tia Stone 1 18 1 20
Chris Hall 33 Kelli Harris 4
Randy Collins 35 Joanna White 13
Gideon Drake 9 100 4 14 Holly Craig 36 121 8 6
Alan Krenzelok 14 Sheri Nicholls 40
James Helms 36 Ha Vuong 45
Jeff Maxwell 41
SRRC 0 0 Michelle Huff 0 0
Rocky Stone
Daniel Mahan 0 0
Travis Porter
Ron Smith
Bruce Oakley 0 0
Todd Coleman
Rusty Hinges
Bill Crow 58
Glenn Kuhn 45


Club newsletters

Club newsletters are a perk of being a club member.  But I have a favor to ask of all the clubs in Arkansas.  Please add to your distribution list and make it a permanent member.  That way, I am aware of what the clubs are doing as well as my successors.  Also, it’s a good way for me to see the excellent work of your newsletters and to possibly nominate for National Running Awards.


Happy running!

David Meroney
Arkansas RRCA State Rep
#ArkGrandPrix #ARKrun

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RRCA 58th National Convention — Dallas 2016

By David Meroney - Last updated: Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Hello, Arkansas runners!

Customary magnet that all convention attendees receive.

Customary magnet that all convention attendees receive.

In March, I had the pleasure to represent Arkansas at the Road Runners Club of American national convention in Dallas.  It was the 58th national convention and the 5th I have attended; the others have been in Memphis, TN, Albuquerque, NW, Spokane, WA, and Des Moines, IA.  The RRCA posted a very short blurb about how well the convention went.  The RRCA convention is a great way for clubs to exchange information, learn about RRCA programs, meet people in the industry and the community from all over, get inspired from speakers and individuals, and just have a great time.  In addition, attendees get some great material from the RRCA Annual Report to great gear from Leslie Jordan and swag from Ashworth Awards.  It’s been my hope to get more Arkansans to the conventions.  It’s a financial commitment but it’s well worth it in my view.  I hope a club or two will plan to send their president or incoming president to the 59th convention which be in Detroit, Michigan, March 9-11, 2017.  And the 60th convention will be in Washington, D.C. in 2018.


Dallas is one of the biggest nearby cities for Arkansans and I’m very familiar with it.  In fact, Christine’s parents live in a Dallas suburb and we are down there about once a month.  But it was still a new experience to spend a few days in downtown Dallas.  We got to ride the light rail DART train from the hotel to the convention, had morning runs throughout downtown, got to try some new-to-us restaurants, and even got to be tour guide for a few people looking for Dealey Plaza and other landmarks.  There is always plenty going on at the convention.  I even filmed a short video for Lisa Luyet’s west Little Rock Women Run Arkansas clinic while at the convention.  The video is at link and it’s about what the clinic participants can do after they complete the graduation 5K.

RRCA Board of Directors and State Reps

RRCA Board of Directors and State Reps

State Rep training

For State Reps, the convention starts at Noon on Thursday with an training session.  We go over basic information for the new reps but also highlight important or new programs.  Here are a few that I want to relay to you:


ROADIE program singlet

ROADIE program singlet

This is a group of people that State Reps will pick out of RRCA club members across the state to serve as additional ambassadors for the RRCA and to promote clubs.  ROADIEs be registered with the RRCA and will receive special ROADIE gear, male or female shirts, sleeveless, singlet, long sleeve shirt, or visors.  The requirements to be a ROADIE are that you have to active in an Arkansas RRCA club and that you are visible both at races and on social media.

I have already identified a few people to take on this role; I can pick around 10.  If you are interested and want to learn more, send me an email.


L to R, Ann Arbor mayor Christopher Taylor receiving plaques for the Runner Friendly Community designation and the 2015 Outstanding Runner Friendly Community from RRCA President Mitch Garner.

L to R, Ann Arbor mayor Christopher Taylor receiving plaques for the Runner Friendly Community designation and the 2015 Outstanding Runner Friendly Community from RRCA President Mitch Garner.

RRCA Insurance

All attendees are asked to attend the General Session on Friday morning which has been the insurance presentation.  While insurance can seem like a bit of a dry topic, insurance for running events can get a little entertaining.  At the very least, it’s eye-opening.  The insurance program offered to clubs and members of the RRCA is designed for running events and organizations.  It’s price-competitive and offers features not available elsewhere.


This is a brief overview of the insurance program.  For any specific questions, go to or email which goes to David Morgan.  Just keep in mind that he receives and answers about 500 emails per day but he will definitely respond surprisingly quickly.


Breakout sessions


The meat of the RRCA convention is the breakout sessions with topics ranging from Developing Club Training Programs, Working with For-Profit Events, Keeping the Sport Clean, Recognizing Medical Issues, Youth Running: A Town Hall Meeting, and club governance.  This is where I see a big benefit for Arkansas clubs to send a few attendees to spread out to absorb this information and to bring it home.  Here are notes that I took on a couple sessions:

Tony Reed of the National Black Marathoners Association starting his session on Increasing Diversity

Tony Reed of the National Black Marathoners Association starting his session on Increasing Diversity

Increasing Diversity in Running

Tony Reed of the National Black Marathoners Association presented a session on diversity in running.  The room was packed and they had to bring in more chairs which I think shows both an interest in clubs to reach out to minorities and also a demonstration that they want to know how to do this; count me in both camps.  The beginning of the session he talked about the National Black Marathoners Association, it’s mission and member makeup.  First of all, it’s not limited to just people who run marathons; people of all running capabilities are welcome.  Also, it is not limited to just people who identify as black.  In fact, one of those most popular members is Bart Yasso which Tony explained is evident by all the pictures that NBMA members post of themselves with him at races and expos.  The NBMA works to bridge the racial divide between distance running and minorities.  It provides a fun and active club for members to celebrate each other’s success and to encourage and mentor runners.  And it’s a non-profit that raises funds to award scholarships to young runners.

It was great to see a familiar face in Tony's presentation: Brenda Stallings of Little Rock and member of the National Black Marathons Association

It was great to see a familiar face in Tony’s presentation: Brenda Stallings of Little Rock and member of the National Black Marathons Association

Tony attempted to ask and answer two questions in his session.  First, is there a diversity problem in running clubs?  And secondly, if there is, what can be done to remedy that?  The first question is not as easy to answer as one might expect and it implies a couple more questions.  There’s a whole discussion of the comparison of statistical majority and minority populations and the sociological definitions of those terms but that’s a different topic for a different day; for the purposes of this discussion, minority is defined as any person non-Caucasian.


We can look at our club membership and see how it compares to the local population at large.  Other than Black Girls Run! and Black Men Run which are built to attract minorities, do our clubs look like the cities we represent?  Nationally, Tony posted statistics that core runners are about a 90% Caucasian and 10% minority split; the minority portion of the general population is 28% nationwide which is certainly higher in some places around Arkansas.  If we can anecdotally or statistically show that our clubs underrepresent minorities, does that mean we are actually missing minorities or are there just that many fewer minority runners.  Tony posited that the number of minority runners is not really known.  Clubs typically don’t track the minority percentage of club memberships nor do races record that information.  In the past, he has stood at the finish line and just counted the number of minority finishers in a particular race just to collect that data.  It’s an elusive question to determine if minorities are really underrepresented even if it feels that is the case.


If minorities are indeed underrepresented, is that actually a problem?  People will join clubs that appeal to them.  If minorities don’t join a certain club, is that the club’s fault/failing or is it just that what the club represents doesn’t draw in minorities?  I’m trying to be careful here knowing how easy it can be to offend one or all groups in this conversation which is the last thing I want to do.  It’s my personal feeling that running clubs underrepresent minorities and that it is a problem.  One statistic that Tony pointed out is that in 2010, the birthrate in the United States was 49.9% minority and it’s following a trend of increasing.  This means in the not too distant future, non-Caucasians will make up a statistical majority.  Clubs and races that do not attract minorities will soon be losing participants and the revenue they represent if they haven’t already.  This is an existential issue for clubs:  adapt to the changing population or lose relevance and fade away.  Loss of opportunity is a problem but that’s not the only issue with missing out on minorities.  Having people from different walks of life can lead to an even stronger organization; this is at the core of the idea that America is a melting pot.


Ok, we found that there is a diversity problem and we want to address it.  How?  I think this is part of the broader question or making the clubs appealing as possible to everyone.  We all see people running in neighborhoods and at races who we never see at clubs.  In Arkansas, we have the Grand Prix that really helps break down barriers to meeting new runners from all over the state.  But there are people in every community that run but that are not plugged into the Grand Prix crowd.  And this is certainly true for minorities.  One person in the session asked the earnest question of how should a person of the minority population be best approached to talk about running clubs.  The answer from a person in the audience was that runners are the same no matter what they may look like.  Runners like to talk about shoes, paces, training, races (running races), clothes, nutrition, etc.  In other words, talk to these people like you’d like to be talked to.  Some people are more outgoing than others and it is very easy for me to be introverted; but I have to admit that some of the best conversations I’ve had were with people who were being shy wallflowers and would not have spoken to anyone at an event until I went over to say hi.  It felt good to make them feel welcome when perhaps they hadn’t been previously.


At the 2015 convention, there was a representative from Steel City Road Runners of Pittsburg, PA.  They have business cards given out to members who in turn give the cards to people they encounter out running, at races, at running stores, etc.  As club members, it’s easy to forget that not all runners know about the clubs.  And even if people know about the clubs, it’s also easy for people to feel like the clubs aren’t for them.  Objections can vary from “those people are too fast” or “those people all run way longer distances than I do.”  And obviously objections can include “there aren’t many black people in that club” or even “black people aren’t distance runners.”  In the presentation, Tony had a list of myths or objections that some people, black or white, believe about running such as blacks are better at sprints while whites are better at long distance.  I wish I had written down all the myths/objections but they aren’t in my notes.  One objection that has been voiced by some black people, especially women, is that running and the subsequent sweat is hard on their hair.  Some in the audience seemed to acknowledge the concern but indicated there are some good ways to deal with that.


The bottom line is that clubs need to be more engaging of all people in the community but especially with minorities.  Invite them to club meetings and invite them to serve in leadership roles in the clubs.  Treat people with interest and respect and make them feel welcome.


Steel City Road Runners business card

Steel City Road Runners business card

Back side of business card

Back side of business card

Club Governance


The convention had a series of sessions on club governance from getting started, to financial and planning, to resolving conflicts and I was not able to attend those sessions.  I did attend the final club governance session which was an open forum.  There were a variety of people in the room from a couple RRCA directors and State Reps to club presidents and other representatives from large and small clubs.  Since this was an open forum, there was obviously no structure or presentation.  Here are few of the topics that were discussed:



Convention Auctions

One big perk of attending the RRCA convention is the live and silent auctions.  These are fundraisers for RRCA programs; the Live Auction benefits the Roads Scholar and RunPro Camp programs while the silent auction supports the State Reps.  Signed memorabilia, race entries to marque events, a spot on a coaching certification course and more are offered in the live auction. The silent auction is filled with items that State Reps bring and I’m so proud and pleased with what Arkansans did this year:


Jessica Torrey – an original painting titled “Faster”  For those who don’t know, Jessica is the daughter of Bill Torrey, former Arkansas State Rep and the owner of Rock City Running in Little Rock.

"Faster" by Jessica Torrey

“Faster” by Jessica Torrey

Chrissy Ferguson – provided 11 items of artwork that she created such as necklace/earrings sets, wine charms, and a bottle light

A few of the pieces donated by Chrissy Ferguson

A few of the pieces donated by Chrissy Ferguson

Debbie Thompson – Zookeeper at the Little Rock Zoo – provided a painting made by the Zoo’s resident sloth bears – this item was deemed the auction’s most unique item by many at the convention and garnered a great deal of attention

Sloth bear painting - provided by Debbie Thompson

Sloth bear painting – provided by Debbie Thompson

Go! Running – a Nathan hydration pack

Nathan hydration pack provided by Go! Running

Nathan hydration pack provided by Go! Running

Anonymous donor – a 6 pack of home-brewed beer

6 pack of home-brewed Arkansas beer

6 pack of home-brewed Arkansas beer


Luncheons and National Running Awards banquet

The highlight of the convention for many people are luncheons on Friday and Saturday and the awards banquet on Saturday night.  Over the years the convention has been host to many of the greats in the running community and in other walks of life.  One year we had both Meb Keflezighi and Chester Nez, the last of the original Navajo code talkers from World War II as our luncheon speakers.  For the convention in Dallas, we had Ben Rosario and Gilbert Tuhabonye.  Ben has been speaker and motivator at the RRCA RunPro Camp and loves to talk running.  Gilbert has an amazing life story and continues to inspire with his Gilbert’s Gazelles training program.


Ben talked about his experiences as a runner and a coach.  He said that it’s never too early to be a team leader and that running changes lives.  We all know this is very true.

Ben Rosario speaking at the Friday luncheon

Ben Rosario speaking at the Friday luncheon


The Saturday luncheon speaker was the inspiring Gilbert Tuhaboyne.  This man survived the Burundi civil war, torture, being burned, and a genocide.  He found the strength and will to make it out.  “Running literally saved my life over and over,” he said.  There were few dry eyes in the room as he told us of his life, his struggles, the forgiveness in his heart, and how he passes on his lover of live and running through his coaching.  “Run with joy. Whatever you do, find joy.”

Gilbert Tuhabonye, the keynote speaker at the Saturday luncheon

Gilbert Tuhabonye, the keynote speaker at the Saturday luncheon


The final event of the convention is the National Running Awards Banquet.  A complete list of all the award winners for this year is at  Each winner is invited to speak for a few moments; they all have amazing stories and it would be great to hear more – but we’d be there all night so each so each has just a few minutes to tell what is surely a lifetime journey to that award.

Coach Bob Larsen being inducted into the RRCA Hall of Fame

Coach Bob Larsen being inducted into the RRCA Hall of Fame


Morning run starting in the hotel lobby. Yours truly is on the right side of the picture.

Morning run starting in the hotel lobby. Yours truly is on the right side of the picture in the yellow cap.

Happy running!

David Meroney
Arkansas RRCA State Rep
#ArkGrandPrix #ARKrun

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